David Morton

SpecialityCongress Keynote Speaker

We are excited to announce David Morton as our Keynote Speaker at the Opening Ceremonies. As one of the world’s premier high altitude expedition leaders he will set the tone of our congress as we think big in what we can achieve for our own future goals. Hearing David’s narration of the stunning images he has captured during his ascents may not inspire us to climb the highest mountains, but it will make us aspire to “shoot for the stars” in our own careers with the same dedication, skill, and grit.

David Morton has climbed and adventured in the world’s greatest mountain ranges. A six-time Everest summiteer, Morton’s two decades of guiding have taken him to the tallest peaks of the Andes, the Altai, Papua New Guinea, the Alaska Range and the Himalayas. He is one of the premier international high altitude expedition leaders and has guided climbers on all the fabled ‘Seven Summits’.

In addition to extreme high altitude, his passion lies in technical rock and ice climbing, and remote international technical ascents. He captures his perspective of these remote high-altitude parts of our world through professional still and motion photography. Other professional adventures have taken him from ‘the source to the sea’ of the Ganges River, while promoting clean-water access to remote rivers in Nepal.

Having traveled to Nepal multiple times a year over the past two decades, David has intimately connected to local families and communities. His primary philanthropic efforts have been focused on improving conditions for mountain workers in the Himalaya. In 2012, he co-founded The Juniper Fund whose mission supports local families and communities affected by tragedies related to high altitude expedition work.

David lives in and adventures out of Seattle, Washington. Balancing school pick-ups and family dinners with his far-ranging traveling work is an act he and his family have learned to embrace. David’s love of the outdoors and adventure is infectious, and he feels most at home sharing that passion with others.


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