Edgar Auslander

Pre-Congress Symposium Keynote Speaker

Edgar Auslander’s career parallels the innovative spirit of the 20th ISCFS Pre-Congress Symposium on advancing technologies. Currently the Senior Director, Head of Strategic Partnerships and Intelligence at Meta, (fka. Facebook), Mr. Auslander has three decades of experience staying on the pioneering edge of strategic partnerships, venture capital management and start-up acquisitions. We are fortunate to have Edgar as our pre-congress Keynote speaker to set the tone of the day as we start to plan how we too can “think outside the box”.

David Morton

Congress Keynote Speaker

We are excited to announce David Morton as our Keynote Speaker at the Opening Ceremonies. As one of the world’s premier high altitude expedition leaders he will set the tone of our congress as we think big in what we can achieve for our own future goals. Hearing David’s narration of the stunning images he has captured during his ascents may not inspire us to climb the highest mountains, but it will make us aspire to “shoot for the stars” in our own careers with the same dedication, skill, and grit.

Michael A. Williams, MD

Congress Invited Speaker

As we reach for the stars, we need neurological experts like Dr. Michael Williams to prepare. Michael has conducted NASA-funded research in SANS – Spaceflight Associated Neuro-ocular Syndrome – a disorder affecting astronauts on long missions. At the opening ceremonies, his work will remind us not only to work to address our current challenges, but also to anticipate those we will face in the future.

Kimberly Hicks

Congress Invited Speaker

Kimberly Hicks flew her first airplane at age 12 and received her private pilot’s license in high school. Dedicated to improving our space and flight capabilities, Ms. Hicks’ engineering career at Boeing has involved state-of-the-art technology in her field. She has been Director for the development of the KC-46A Pegasus, as well as the Advanced Capabilities Program Manager for Phantom Works, the innovative prototyping arm of the defense and security side of Boeing. Kim Hicks is currently the Director and Program Manager in Boeing’s Space and Launch Rapid Space Capability Division, where she is responsible for the strategy and technical execution of spacecraft development programs. We are honored to have Ms. Hicks address the Congress as our invited speaker and as an industry leader in advanced spaceflight engineering and technology.

Oleh Antonyshyn

Congress Invited Speaker

To reach for our goals and overcome barriers requires courage, resilience and determination. Nowhere is this demonstrated more strongly than by the Ukrainian people in the defense of their country. For over a decade, Dr. Antonyshyn has actively engaged in providing surgical care to the civilian and military casualties in Ukraine. His efforts have been recognized with the Ukrainian Order of Merit, and the Canadian Meritorious Service Medal. Oleh will present “The Canada-Ukraine Surgical Aid Program: Reconstructing Casualties of War”.

Stuart Voboril

Gala Dinner Invited Speaker

Our invited speaker at the Gala Dinner, Stuart Voboril, is the Boeing E-7 Vice President and Program Manager of Mobility and Surveillance Defense, Space & Security. Throughout his career Mr. Voboril has led teams that use cutting edge aeronautical technology to help preserve national and global security. As we dine among the history of air and space flight, Stuart will give his perspective on what it takes to lead and succeed in our rapidly advancing world.

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