8:00 – 9:45 AM

Room: Elwha

Opening Ceremonies

8:00 AM
Welcome Remarks and Overview
Richard Hopper (United States)

8:10 AM
Welcome (University of Washington Dept. of Surgery)
Doug Wood (United States)

8:14 AM
Welcome (University of Washington Dept. Of Neurosurgery)
Richard Ellenbogen (United States)

8:18 AM
Welcome (Seattle Children’s Hospital)
Andre Dick (United States)

8:22 AM
Remembering Joseph S. Gruss MD
Richard Hopper (United States)

8:30 AM
Introduction of Keynote Speaker
Richard Hopper (United States)

8:33 AM
KEYNOTE ADDRESS – Climb. Journey. Live.
David Morton (United States)

9:13 AM
Introduction of Invited Lecture
Richard Hopper (United States)

9:15 AM
INVITED LECTURE 1 – No Margin for Errors – How we Work in Space
Kimberly Hicks (United States)

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